Thursday, July 02, 2015

Interesting Faces

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As with my nature images, interesting faces are bonuses I collect along the way to another landscape photo opportunity.

I’ve learned that it pays to be totally relaxed when shooting people pictures. An overly seriously demeanour invades the subject’s private space and practically guarantees failure. Whereas a casual, friendly approach, especially if there’s a language barrier, helps to create a positive interaction, but not always ... the Taiwan and Chinese soldiers didn’t get it.

Great opportunities can come and go in an instant, so its vitally important to be ready ... as I was for the “Happy Vietnamese lady”. Spend a second too long and you could easily lose the moment.

I’ve found a good lens to have at the ready is my 24-105mm, it’s ideal for when you’re never quite sure what you’ll encounter next. It zooms from a moderately wide angle through to medium telephoto, ideal for many candid people pictures. Most of the images in this gallery were shot with this lens.

One exception is the black & white image of the “Market Vendor in Kathmandu” ... Sigma 150mm APO Macro lens set to its maximum aperture f2.8. This is my favourite portrait shot to date.


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