Saturday, July 04, 2015


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There’s something almost mystical about the experience of being out here alone in Australia’s outback. Its so quiet. Time seems to stand still. One feels a real connection with the infinite, a feeling that seems especially strong in Central Australia where most of these images were captured.

Early or late light is the common denominator. All the images in this gallery were shot during the first or last two hours of the day. In the case of “Sunset at Old Andado”, it was the last two minutes, just before the sun disappeared below the horizon. Its a truly magical time to be in the outback.

In the outback we need to be mindful of the unavailability of mains power to recharge our camera batteries and laptops. I carry a 12 to 240 volt inverter in my car to use in emergencies. But I don’t run it for long periods unless the engine’s running. A flat battery in the outback is no fun. It would have been a long walk back to civilisation from where I shot “Sunset near Lake Carnegie WA” ... as you’ll see on Google maps.


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